About antoinne.nl

Antoinne.nl contains a selection of art, cityscapes, landscapes, nature and people photos made by me, Antoinne Sterk.

Pictures recently made or rediscovered. A title, an image, a few categories and some tags. In short: a fotolog.

About antoinne

Antoinne knows how to solve problems for and within knowledge-intensive organisations. Once he has found solutions, he likes to be involved in their implementation. He is used to working on projects in multi-disciplinary teams. He also thrives in more chaotic environments where results-oriented work is required to solve often urgent and complex problems.

Antoinne enjoys helping others 🙂

License and contact

All photographs on this fotolog are licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. For any permissions beyond the scope of this license, please feel free to contact me.